Truth To Power

by The Rubber Peeple

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The Album "Truth to Power" is exactly what it says: Speaking Truth to the People, and speaking Power to the People- In a Rich, Vintage Hip Hop format.


released August 1, 2009

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Marty Blount at Marty's Digital Mastering. Art Designed by A. Bacon and J. Kirkman. Illustrated by A. Bacon. Executed Producer J. Kirkman Write Just Werks Publishing (BMI).


all rights reserved



The Rubber Peeple Norfolk, Virginia

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Track Name: Truth To Power
I took the day off
Looked out the window
Working the weekend ain't all this brother needs to freakin'
Breathe fair air as I prepare to look fresh
Wondering what my life's gone get
On the placement test
As I caress the pencil and put volume on the instrumental
I realized that bustin' suckas was a task that was too simple
Now as my deep thought pondered
And my intellect wandered
It took me to a scene that made a revelation of a daydream
And it was my mom singing "don't let em' fool ya"
And they only gone give ya "three-fifths while they school ya"
So read, read, read, cause your mind will forever feed
The need to water your soul's seed
And then you'll find your life's creed

I remember when I was dumb deaf and blind
An 85-er
Striving to walk the path and swerving off the road when driving
Reckless tunnel vision dazed and confused and blinded
Stumbling when trying to walk the path I couldn’t find it
I loved the Bible, but I knew it was more
The scientist inside my inner core longed to explore my climate
So I prayed to the Lord to give me some deliverance
To lift me from the spell of ignorance which had me binded tight
Then it came like a thief in the night
Restored my cultural heritage switching wrong into right
Yeah tight-
Then it came like a vision of light
And got me open for scoping so I could cope with this life - cause

Gotta be more to Life
More to Life
More to Life
than this

(repeat 3x)

Some of my elders wrote some books
I took a look- bought some more
Now I realize what I'm here for
where I came from- who I am- and where I'm going
Bustin' what I'm knowing to the seeds so they can start growing
Will power makes me a God as an individual
Indivisible plus dual- spitting jewels from the Mystery Schools
Which is my purpose during my stay on this earth is
To acknowledge my knowledge of self and then
Bring it to the surface
Expose the kind of information that'll make yall nervous
Which my duty as a volunteer for The Most High's Secret Service
My job description in this world is a rebel
Who's here to let yall know that life has a brighter level

Entered a new stage in my development
Intelligence actively seeking my inheritance for wealth
And all my elders like Ashra Kwesi and Dr. York and Dr. Afrika
Taught me knowledge of self
The Dead Sea Scrolls and Holy Tablets,
Enuma Elish, Gilgamesh, Atra Hasis
Big books initially was difficult to overstand
But through diligence I know ‘em like the back of my hand
And now my lyrics is infused with truth
The most "beautifullest" thing in this world is the facts and the proof
That I use in the booth
Fight for freedom my soul takes flight
There’s gotta be more to life than this
I knew I was right

Gotta be more to Life
More to Life
More to Life
than this

(repeat 3x)
Track Name: Dee Dat Dah
Dee Dat Dah

Ready and willing to set it off
Letting off like bullets from an Uzi
Kick down your door and say excuse me (excuse me)
Lyrically I’m on some old school futuristic shit
Like Dr. Who be
Truly- dedicated
To ripping a part of rhythm
True Hip Hop as long I’m living
Plus I roll with Rubber Peeple
I’m in sole control of my universe
And If you ask me I’ll write you a verse
Damage I do the worst
I’m one of those cats that kills a cipher
Cause I spit fire like a lighter
Strike like a viper
I got a double edged sword that’s bound to slice ya
Plus I’m nicer
Than any nigga out there trying to sound like Roger Troutman
You know you need to cut it out man
I mean think about it
You synthesized a waste of rhyme
Forget it
I’m not even gone waste my time


Dee Dat Dah- Dah Dah- Doe Doe
Dee Dat Dah
Dee Dat Dah

(repeat 3X)

La-di-Da-di- my words bout to have a party
Don’t cause trouble
Might bother everybody
Don’t believe much that my mind don’t touch
Surprised by nothing
I done seen enough
But there’s always something from here the problems clear
Cats been wanted to be these singers that have appeared
Suckas is too high to get us a verse that’s gone fly
Til’ more people call ‘em on it they gone continue to get by
I plead the 5th
Like Tyrone disrespecting the microphone
While our children are zombies in the twilight zone
I’m blown
Like Hillary when Obama won Iowa
Future losers follow the dress code on the flyer
Bustas steady fantasize when their words are really cries
They need help
Their actions say they ain’t happy with they-self
Under the spell of Novus Ordo Seclorum
While you warn ‘em about these rhymes
Imma pray for ‘em

(bridge: Hit ‘em with the Dee Dat Dah- Dah Dah)

Now why you wanna go and do that
Something like that
Disrespect my set if you wanna
We coming right back
You thought we was soft cause we was drinking herbal tea
But verbally J.E.P.O. be murdering
Talking smack and serving teams
Talking back that’s murder B
You never heard of me
What is you “taum-bout”?
Audiences catch me with their arms out
I ought to write a song bout
How you faggots galavant
I just don’t understand how you sagging small pants
And you’re acting arrogant
Man up that’s all I ask
Why you be grittin so hard when you be walking past?
You niggas ain’t hard to me you’re just a tall glass
Of lemonade finna get played for all your cash
Like hoes
That’s getting pimped by those
That’s rocking hair rollers with some Gators and them colorful clothes on (yo)
I’m sick of niggas with the Ra- Ra- Ra
That’s why I’m bout to hit you niggas with the Dee Dat Dah (uh)


Dee Dat Dah- Dah Dah- Doe Doe
Dee Dat Dah
Dee Dat Dah

(repeat 3X)

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