Genesis Rizing

by The Rubber Peeple

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released November 25, 2013

Genesis Rizing was recorded by Marty Blount at MDM Studios and Mixed and Mastered by A.Bacon at Mu Atlantis Studios.

Genesis Rizing Art Design and Illustration by A.Bacon.

Executive Producer - J. Kirkman.

Published by Write Just Werks Publishing.



all rights reserved


The Rubber Peeple Norfolk, Virginia

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Track Name: I Explain
I Explain

The rules of the game to a lame dumb
Similac young emcee on where he came from
Witness while I bang on this drum
Yo watch me drop slang on the one
Novakane hits your brains til its numb
And thoughtless shutup and absorb this poultice
Yo what’s this? Im up at the pulpit
Focused to make it fatter
It’s the absolute master of chatter
You couldn’t reach kane with a ladder
100 percent crafter magnificent mix master
All wack unequipped rappers please get backwards
I spit solidified liquid gases mixed with hot ashes (burn baby burn)
Over-stimulated participants get hit with hot flashes
Overrated producers and rappers lack creative juices
So whip out your specialized glasses and get with my classes
My shit’s classic non-plastic nigga

Cats called out chasing that fame
You don’t overstand the words i explain
Cats called out chasing that fame
You don’t overstand the words i explain
Cats called out

How can niggas face facts from false acts?
Formed in illusions based on their favorite raps
Perhaps purpose poses a threat to their intellect
Protecting their fantasies - suckas is getting mad at me
Who me? Oh my god is selected as my source
Your weak blocks can’t handle the impact of the force
Of course I nurture nature
The earth begins to hate ya
Keep freestyling son
Stop wasting paper
People passing judgement cause the crowd is disgusted
Got a deal from a major so you can no longer be trusted
Constructive criticism comes in the form of advice
I know the rhyme comes off nasty – but I’m nice
Here to help, mean for the attack to be stealth
But your piss poor folklore is bad for my children’s health
Out of your league
Breed legends and legacies
Would take 3 trilogies to compile the complexity
Please don’t get it twisted like American statistics
On African contributions to the world that ain’t listed
Listen, lack luster lives in the heart of every buster
Planning to overrule any response that you can muster
The more you complain the more I explain
The new rules of the game – simple and plain

Cats called out chasing that fame
You don’t overstand the words I explain
Cats called out chasing that fame
You don’t overstand the words I explain
Cats called out
Track Name: Brainstormin'

The brain is raining ideas of a clever endeavor
The end is near and in common to all so you could never
Front on the fact- of the compact complexity
Of here lies your destiny and actions otherwise are supposed to lesson me
Are you a star? (which are planets at long range)
Or can you sustain life and evolute to change?
Well that’s strange
My brain calls for the clouds to form
The umbrellas a propeller but if you woulda stayed in the cellar
Under the ground would have protected
But you’ve become infected
Judicial laws causes the tree of life to be neglected
Your brain has been washing with some soap that ain’t dope
Your brain and body works on phrases that were erased and wrote
Over like phrases you suckers freak that I can’t feel
Consider me general zod demanding you superheroes to kneel
I’m a villain of a villain
Killing the reciprocal of what I’ve compiled of these rhyme miles releasing the mystical
Mystery of how do we – break words in parts
Was labeled gifted and talented when assigned language arts
It starts with a list of words
Subjects evolve a text mic flex cracks in the ground have occurred
Superb with the flexibility in rubber people it’s genetic
With the originality- so we take credit
All from the brainstormin the sparks the poems I’m performing
That’s gone – change how you feel about them seasons like global warming


Warming up my thought train brainstorming bought raindrops
Thunder claps my mind running laps until the train stops-
My brain pops like the top off the jack in the box
Bio ideological psychological clocks-
Tick tocks to concoct this particular hip hop
Lift off from the launch pad my vocab hitting notepads-
Collisions-colliding pen gliding like icing
Where I been?
In the lab day and night I been writing -
Pen jabbing
Tuning into my inner wave pattern
Baby carriage contains the brain children I been having-
In labor
Ideations grandiose like stay – puff
Delivery is dirty cause I’m so close to nature-
Artistic nomenclature
Faber castle pencil plus the paper
Mistakes made removed with my eraser-
I shut both eyes and just listen as thoughts blast
Forecast time record rhymes and broadcast-
Electrical nervous impulse flashes
Burn pages like microscopic laser glasses to ashes-
From concentration mere contemplation
Clouds formulating in a hurricane fashion-
Passion- stirring up a circular reaction
Pulse racing thoughts through my mind dashing
Crashing- stirring up a circular reaction
Heart racing thoughts through my mind flashing